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About Us

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We believe that people loves their home furniture for years to come. That's why Win Hwa Trading & Services are here to offers the services. From home furniture to offices, Our workers and designers can custom design to fits your ideas and budget.


Besides, We are efforts to repair and restore your furniture to its old beauty.

We do provides the refinishing services. Whether it's touch up or repaint, we can refurnish any furniture cabinet to its old beauty. We have a vast array of wood material, fabric, paints and other items that can give your office or home a completely new look. 

Win Hwa Trading & Services are started since 2001. Our craftsman have at-least 10 years experience in the industry. Today, we invested the latest technology to refine our furniture. 



The Win Hwa Trading & Services adopted the most advanced technology from China & Italy. We always aim beyond our client's expectation by delivering the best quality of the furniture we make.  

For almost 20 years, Win Hwa Trading & Services has been offering good quality services in the city. The mystery of creating quality furniture is that we have full facilities in the factory. 


In the factory, we have specialized areas for different kind of works. Win Hwa T&S have own spray booth with fully facilities.

Besides, our craftsman have their own private working area. 


After all, we are who we are today because of our loyal customers who has witnessed our quality services over the past 20 years.  

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